William Russell M. Scheirman Jr.

President & Chief Executive Officer of SCCI

Successful and empowered millennial. This is an understatement for someone this young whose accomplishments in the world of business are a force to reckon with.

Meet William Russell Mendoza Scheirman, a Filipino young man raised to become a business visionary. By all considerations, he is qualified as a millennial corporate hotshot.

As the top honcho of a corporation handling various businesses, he has excelled in construction and design, real estate, and healthcare businesses. He is no doubt a certified industry boss, a high roller who usually presides over closed-door meetings attended by established corporate men often twice his age.

Armed with a Civil Engineering degree from the Mapúa Institute of Technology in 2013, he has what it takes to kick off his vision of becoming an expert in the world of entrepreneurship. Add to that the fact that from time to time, he equips himself with formal trainings here and overseas to make sure he keeps up with global standards and trends. He shared, “We, millennials are blessed with a world powered by wonderful technology and I make use of that to my advantage, especially in enhancing my knowledge in learning about the business I want to put myself in. That being said I do read books the conventional way and attends seminars to even know more. I’m not the honor student-type, but I studied very well during college.”

One may ask how someone of his stature juggles his time, given the huge portfolio of clients and projects that his companies boast of. He is known for macro-management, or overseeing his businesses on a daily basis, with his trusted people working on the details. Besides, it’s his good leadership that makes the members of his team do the job like a well-oiled machine. Business and pleasure, as oft said, should come into good play.

“I want to inspire other people my age, to be known as a good example for the young generation,” the master millennial who is Christian by faith expressed. “There are two Fs that I value the most: family and future. I always get back to the truth that I belong to a certain bloodline that meant so much to my life, all the while I’m preparing myself for the future.”

And yes, he’s designing a future that’s worth looking forward to.

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