17 JUNE 2022

If there is one word that best describes the Filipino spirit over the years, it is resilient. Filipinos are renowned for the ability to face obstacles head-on and with a strong sense of faith. They learn to accept all the unpredictable events taking place in society with the belief that every challenge heralds a better tomorrow.

This resiliency, however, was put to the test when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country last March 2020 and still here until the second quarter of 2022. When the government begins to lift a complete lockdown, forbidding everyone from conducting any activity outside of their homes, it appeared as if the world has come to an abrupt halt.


Almost everyone was subjected to immense emotional and financial difficulties as they have lost livelihood and are now confined to their homes while some were separated from their friends and relatives without any means of providing for their needs. There are many who stopped believing that the pandemic will soon end and that brighter days will come.

But there is another story to tell for Scheirman Construction, for they continue in pursuing their goals amidst the pandemic. Scheirman keeps working to restore the company’s pre-pandemic status by adapting work-from-home arrangements for those departments that have crucial tasks that need to be monitored regularly. While guaranteeing that the company is on track and no one is left behind, they made sure to adhere with the policies that the government has enforced.


This resiliency was demonstrated by the ongoing development of corporate strategies, such as holding a regular Operations and Management Committee meeting in the midst of the crisis. In fact, during the height of the pandemic, Scheirman was working on four projects simultaneously: the Uma Hotel and Residences, the Urban Deca Homes Banilad, the Urban Deca Homes Meycauayan, and the One Kalayaan Residences. Indeed, Scheirman Construction demonstrated how tenacity and faith can overcome any obstacles that may stand in the way, whether they are foreseeable or unknown.